Competition Judge

Fancy judging a BBQ competition?

Sign up below to become a competition judge at this year’s SCA Steak Cook-off and British Open Freestyle BBQ Championships®?

Here is your opportunity to become an SCA international member and certified SCA judge to adjudicate SCA events worldwide.

To judge the SCA rounds, you are required to be an SCA member; this can easily be done when you sign up for one of our SCA judging courses being held at each of our festivals on Saturday morning.

The SCA Competition Judge’s Course

Your course will comprise of four parts:

  1. Ribeye  – Learn about why we love steaks!
  2. Table Captain – Learn how to be a table captain.
  3. Ancillary Judging – Learn the judging process for all SCA ancillary categories and BOBC Rounds.
  4. Steak Judging – Learn the entire steak judging process.

Of course, experienced BBQ judges are welcome to apply for any of this year’s festivals, but you will need to be an SCA member and have taken an SCA judges course to judge the SCA rounds.

The course cost is just £80 and includes 12 months of SCA membership (from the course start date) or just £50 if you are already a current SCA member.

You can then judge any SCA competition worldwide, and unlike some comps, there is NO JUDGES FEE!

Have a great Festival weekend, get to try some of the best BBQ food available in the UK, FREE CAMPING, and we might throw in a couple of little goodies for you too, courtesy of our sponsors.

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