A collection of bespoke vibrant smokehouses with open fire pits, extensive wine lists and an open kitchen slap bang in the middle of the restaurants where you can watch the chefs prepare, butcher and cook your food over fire.


Unlike any other meat restaurant we know we buy most of our meat from small farms and we butcher in house. This means use less cattle per week to serve the same amount of food as a like for like restaurant.

Our beef is rare breed from selected UK farms with high welfare practices and all are grass fed as standard. We refuse to use any produce that we feel are mass produced or has a large environmental impact.


We believe this is not only a sustainability issue but also a matter of taste. Our meat is some of the best money can buy and the effort we put into our in house butchery and sourcing means the consistency of product is second to none.

We are looking forward to share our food with the Smoke and Fire Audiences