T-Bone, aka Chris Taylor 
The Formidable Chris ‘Chops’ Taylor is an all-around Fire, Food and beardy man. Not many of you would know who Chris ‘T-bone Chops’ is, but I can guarantee you have several cookbooks on your shelves that he has worked on, styled or helped devise the recipes for. This legendary Home economist & Food stylist has worked on multiple cookbooks and been the driving force behind most food programmes you see on TV. From being the head home economist on MASTERCHEF and working on Great British Menu and many other TV shows over the years to starting Whittle & Flame Charcoal (the most refined Charcoal you can buy in the UK) with Matt Williams. Along with DJ BBQ (Christian Stevenson), Chris has co-written three of the best BBQ cookbooks available and spends much of his time running large scale BBQ catering setups and shooting with DJ BBQ.

After meeting Nick Weston (Hunter Gather Cook) at a festival many years ago, he is now a regular at HGC and even features in his regular feasts, all of which are coupled with a love of hunting & fly fishing. With his insane knowledge and skill in the kitchen, love of heavy metal, power ballads, dungarees, Stenson hats and air guitar, be it with a shovel or axe- he is a tour de force to be reckoned with. This man is often in the background but definitely takes centre stage.