Smokey Rebels very own Master of the flame Russ Jaques


Russ Jaques the founder of Smokey Rebel and a passionate fire cook with a deep love for Latin American cuisine. With a profound appreciation for the culture, bold flavors, and vibrant traditions of Latin American cooking, Russ has mastered the art of grilling and smoking meats over an open flame. His culinary journey began in his Dads backyard, where he experimented with various techniques and ingredients, gradually honing his skills and developing his unique style. Known for his creative use of spices with the Smoky Rebel Seasoning range, Russ brings a fiery touch to every dish he prepares, making him a beloved figure in the culinary community.

Russ continues to inspire others with his dedication to the rich and diverse world of Latin American fusion cuisine. Barbecue has been a lifelong passion deeply ingrained in him. Some of his most cherished childhood memories revolve around unveiling the smoker and firing up the grill with his father during the 1990s at their family residence in Kent. Back then, BBQ smokers were a rare sight in the UK, and the excitement of the entire process, along with the delectable dishes his father smoked, captivated Russ from a very early age.