Pitmaster Luke Moonshine (Australia)

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Luke Moonshine leads the remarkable team at Phat Boyz Smokehouse and Kitchen, an award-winning Australian establishment renowned for its expertise in Low n Slow American BBQ. This beloved family-run “cathedral of smoke” is a favorite among Australian and Internaitional BBQ aficionados.

Luke Moonshine developed his passion for Texas Style Low n Slow BBQ in 2014. By 2017 after endless practice, he perfected his own style of cooking and Moonshine turned that passion into an opportunity and established Phatboyz Smoking. Phatboyz experienced rapid growth from a retail shop, Their own rub range and catering leading to the opening of a successful award-winning Smokehouse in Ipswich, Australia – Phatboyz Smokehouse and Kitchen.

Moonshines mind for creativity attracts the crowds to Phatboyz at the Australian Meatstock events with some crazy creative live fire cooking contraptions featuring some Australian delicacies including fresh water crocodile, kangaroo and octopus.

Recently, being the creative mind behind the worlds largest reverse flow smoker with the biggest single firebox pit in the southern hemisphere, Frank the Tank a 5000 GallonReverse Flow Smoker, built by Boss Hogg Smokers

And just to give you an idea of what these Aussie guys can do – How about this monster….Did someone say burger challenge.. Meet thier 3.5kg burger made in-house. 32cm dia 700g bun 1kg wagyu mince, 1kg pulled pork, triple cheese, bacon, egg and salad with a side of chips eat this within 30min and you receive a Phat Boyz shirt and its Free… well apart from the flights to Austrialia etc

Check out Luke on Sunday one ourFeast from the Fire demo stage at Ascot yet….to see what he does best !

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