Budgie Montoya (Sarap)

Budgie Montoya image

Following his stint at Restaurant Story, Budgie has spent time at restaurants including the Hoxton Grill and Holland Park’s Flat Three homing is craft. The turning point in Budgie’s career, however, came when he was given the chance to take charge of the small kitchen at Brooksby’s Walk in Clapton, and cook his own style of food. For someone who decided to become a chef later in life than many, it’s impressive how much Budgie Montoya has already achieved. He’s now very much at the forefront of the UK’s Filipino dining scene.

Ferdinand ‘Budgie’ Montoya worked in IT prior to 2012 when, new in London, he decided to throw himself into his love of cooking. ‘I’m Filipino but I grew up in Sydney. I live in London. I’m a citizen of the world.’

We are delighted that Budgie will be perform his magic on the Smoke and Fire Feast from the Fire Stage at Ascot and Maldon this August, be prepared to taste some of the best Filipino food ever from this most talented chef.