Bill Dumas aka The Sausage Sensi ( TEXAS, USA) Spreading Love through Sausage Making One Link at a Time

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Y’all ready to up your sausage-makin’ game? Then come on down to this year’s Smoke and Fire Maldon and learn all there is about craftin’ sausages!

We’re gonna cover what it takes to make ’em, what y’all might need, and throw in some handy tips and facts about one of the oldest foods known to mankind, all from one of the best in the biz! Bill’s comin’ straight from Texas, bringing with him all the wisdom and tricks you’ll need to whip up the tastiest sausages you’ve ever had. In fact, he’s gonna be makin’ two unique varieties that ain’t nobody ever seen before! Make sure to secure your spot at this year’s Smoke and Fire Festival’s Sausage Extravaganza!

Bill Dumas

My belief is that you can think of any dish, explode it and put it back together in a tube aka sauasage! My methodology in making these specials are unique and quirky. That said, I do believe in mentoring folks. Since June 2020 I initiated and built a Sausage Making Class series, where I teach folks all of the rudimentary basics of sausage production.