If you’re a fire-eater in your spare time, this contest is for you! 

Only serious, strong-minded individuals with a must-win attitude and iron-clad stomachs need apply. £10 charity donation to be paid on the day and receive one of our sought after 'I survived the Smoke & Fire Chilli Eating Challenge T-Shirt'


You must be at least 18 years old to enter.


Select the day you wish to compete
Have you ever had a heart condition or illness? E.g. Angina, Heart Attack, Heart Disease etc.
Have you had any disorder of the digestive system, liver, stomach, pancreas or bowel?

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this application form back to us, you accept these terms and conditions and are aware of the health risks involved with eating Chillies.


Read Disclaimer

Competition Rules & Regulations

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