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Californian Grills is a Kent base fabrication company manufacturing steel barbecues based upon The Santa Maria style grill, which originated in the Santa Maria Valley in central California.

The beauty of these barbecues is that the grill grate can be raised or lowered by a hand crank to provide heat control. When the fire is hot, raise the grate to avoid burning, as the fire burns down, simply lower it to maintain a perfect cooking temperature. These barbecues are modular, giving you a variety of different ways to enjoy an outdoor fire. Santa Maria Grills originated in central California and date back to the mid-1800s, when the land was still owned by Mexico. Ranchers in the Santa Maria Valley would host feasts for the cowboys, family and friends, barbecuing meat over earthen pits filled with hot coals of red oak. These barbecues are one of the greatest legacies from that era and have become California’s signature style of cooking meat over

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