Baked beef brisket on the ribs smoked with a dark crust on a wooden Board. Classic Texas barbecue

The British Open Free Style BBQ Championships™ Teams

The runners and riders for this year’s British Open BBQ Championships.

  • Maldon

Wonkey Donkeys BBQ Team

The British Open BBQ Grand Champions and previous winners of the Smoke & Fire Festival BBQ competitions. They regularly compete in UK and even have competed in Kansas City BBQ Society BBQ competitions, USA.

  • Maldon

Kamado Bono BBQ Team

Established in 2020, this team came second last year at the British Open BBQ Championship in what was a close-run competition. So we know they’ll be going for it this year.

  • Maldon

The Magnificaent Cuts

A family of carnivores, forced together by a mutual love of meat, smoke and beer

  • Maldon

Joker Smokers

The British Open Freestyle Grand Champions 2022 Shaun and Jo Benson

  • Maldon

Hog and Beyond

Hog and beyond was created by Simon Woods and Matt Briggs back in 2015. When not slaving over the smoker, Matt and Simon work for food manufacturer Cranswick PLCSimon and Ben took on hundreds of the very best when they competed in the World BBQ Competition at Memphis in May in the United States in 2019.

  • Maldon

The Brisket Box Team

Jack Cox and his team join us again fot this years comptition and they have a few suprise up there sleeves this year!

  • Maldon

Old Man Moore BBQ Team

Garath Moore Team captain

  • Maldon

Bullet Brothers

We are the Bullet Brothers with a love of all things BBQ and weekends in fields drinking rum!

  • Maldon

Notorious P.I.G

Notorious PIG are a group of backyard BBQ enthusiasts that came together through their love of grilled meat and Beer. Friends for over 25 years there’s nothing we like better than grilling and chilling around the BBQ

  • Maldon


The stage is set for an epic showdown at the UK Open BBQ Championships this year, as the experienced team at the Korean Cowgirl step into the limelight.

With over 4 years of cooking professional BBQ together, this formidable trio has sharpened their skills and perfected their craft. Their preferred choice of cooking on offset smokers, Texas style at the Korean Cowgirl has earned them a reputation for delivering flavours that dance on the palate. As they gear up for this competition together, the anticipation is palpable. The team’s expertise, coupled with their unwavering passion for creating mouth-watering barbeque, promises an unforgettable experience for both judges and spectators alike. Get ready to witness the birth of a new BBQ legend as Bingers, the Pitmaster and Minty fire up the grills and unleash their culinary prowess upon the competition.

  • Maldon

The Pit Squad

Pit Squad BBQ is a new Essex-based team who will be competing for the first time. Based in Maldon (the home of the smoke), Chris & Brad love cooking over live fire and pride themselves on low & slow smoking – even if it means being up at 3am. They love BBQ for what it is – great food, amazing people, and being outdoors. PSBBQ are looking forward to meeting their fellow competitors, having a lot of fun, and learning lots along the way!

Insta: @pitsquadbbq

  • Maldon

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke is a team of 4 very good friends who collectively enjoy cooking with fire. Our team consists of Martin (The Man That Can), Lee (The Man That Can’t), George (The Man That Is Trying) and Mark (The Man That Might). We’re just your regular beer swilling and grilling dudes that also like to cook with flare.

  • Maldon

Oink N Doinkk

Small bbq team who have entered 2 previous competitions, winning the chicken wing competition at London Grillstock in 2015 and coming third in UK chilli cookoff in 2017, kids have managed to prevent us entering any since…. Usually perform a lot better on the Saturday compared to Sunday as are way too drunk/hungover by then.

  • Maldon

Lone star Barbecue

Team captain Louis brown

  • Maldon

Kamado UK

Representing The UK’s largest independent Kamado forum; the Ynni Kamado Sponsored group of committed amateurs is having its first outing under Captain Simon and his team. All are enthusiastic cooks with the Kamado and are part of the admin team of the Facebook group Kamado UK. They have decades of experience between them and consist of Simon, Faye, Frank, Christine and Adam.