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This year’s festivals will bring together a panel of experienced judges from across the BBQ world to rigorously assess and score all entries into the British Open BBQ Championships.

You’ll choose the first, second and third in each round and ultimately have your say on who’s crowned this year’s Reserve and Grand British Open Champion.

Would you like to judge this year’s competition?

To judge at our events, you are required to be an SCA member which can be done at the same time as one of our SCA judging courses (see details below).

The SCA Course

Here is you opportunity to become a SCA international member and certified SCA judge able to adjudicate SCA events around in the world.

Your course will comprise of four parts:

  1. Ribeye 101 – Learn about why we love steaks!
  2. Table Captain 101 – Learn how to be a table captain.
  3. Ancillary Judging 101 – Learn the judging process for all SCA ancillary categories and GB-BBQ Rounds.
  4. Steak Judging 101 – Learn the entire steak judging process.

If you are a cooker that is new to the world of steak cookoffs, this course is invaluable.

Experienced BBQ judges are welcome to apply but will need to be an SCA member and have taken an SCA judges course.

All judges places will be confirmed by Wed 30th June 2022. Places are strictly limited.

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