The Dragon Flame

The Dragon Flame, a small caterer company business, having a street food restaurant in the
heart of Croydon, offering live cooking and smoking meats and vegetarian products. Using
an excellent Savage fire cage BBQ and a special handmade six-skewered rotisserie able to fit
six to eight whole rolled pork belly’s at the time; we work with high-quality selected UK
Farmers from North Yorkshire delivered to London. They specialized in rare breed cattle’s
and pigs. Offering dry-age products using a built maturation room with the presence of
Himalayan rock salt to help the process. Like the delicious Dry age beef pastrami, we have
on our menu.

Furthermore, we also use a Bradley smoker, a world-class top-quality smoker. Creating and
delivering the purest smoke possible with their Cleansmoke Technology; using 100% natural
Wood Smoking Briquettes. A high-quality clean pure smoke and flavoursome technology, excellent to contribute keeping our planet safe.

With our main attraction being the a Fire Cage BBQ and rotisserie, we use Namibian hardwood combined with eco-friendly organic charcoal “Eco-blaze”. We are proud to be involved in looking after the environment to the best of our knowledge.

All of our meat products are butchered in the house treated with the respect they deserve
and cooked with our brain recipes, original rubs and spices combining South American and
Asian flavours.