The Dragon Flame

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The Dragon Flame is a small caterer company business with two residencies one in the pub Tavern on the Hill and the other one in Wild Card Brewery.

We offer live fire cooking and smoking meats. Using an excellent 250-gallon off-set Irondbrand smoker, and a unique handmade six-skewered rotisserie able to fit six to eight whole rolled pork bellies at a time; we work with high-quality selected UK Farmers from North Yorkshire delivered to London. They specialized in rare breed cattle and pigs.

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Our main attraction is the 250-gallon off-set smoker built on a trailer and the rotisserie, using natural Oak logs Oak Whiskey barrel for the smoker and eco-friendly organic charcoal “Eco-blaze” for the BBQ. We are proud to be involved in looking after the environment to the best of our knowledge. All of our meat products are butchered in the house treated with the respect they deserve and cooked with our brine recipes, original rubs and spices combining South American, Texas and Asian flavours. All our products are cooked in the smoker and the rotisserie which gives them the chard-grilled flavour and the smokiness we love.

Our signature dish is the BBQ Pork rotisserie: A rare-breed pork belly butchered and rolled in-house, seasoned with our spices and cooked over a fire in the BBQ rotisserie. Finished with our TDF BBQ sauce and served with burned pineapple salsa and handmade garlic flatbread.