Smoking Bears BBQ

Food Ethos: We like to focus on honouring the Central Texas style of BBQ here at Smoking Bears BBQ. We utilise only the best sourced meat product from John Davidsons Butchers in Scotland. After searching far and wide, we have found that not only their Brisket, but Pork Butts and ribs truly offer the same quality as you would expect to taste out in the states, here in the UK. We also make all of our sides, from baking our own Cornbread, to growing our own Pickles. We’re firm believers in not only making sure that we know where all of our ingredients come from, but that they are of the highest quality for each and every one of our customers.

Concept: BBQ isn’t just about amazing tasting food. It’s about bringing together friends, family and the local community to create memories that will last a lifetime.
Here at Smoking Bears BBQ, we want to help create those memories. It’s what drives us to get out of bed every day and keep doing what we do. Sure, we love amazing tasting Texan BBQ, which goes without saying! But using that to help bring people together was the real inspiration for starting our little Texan business based in the heart of Essex.

As our motto says, we like to go Low n Slow in a Hot n Fast world. We do this by respecting the traditional cooking techniques of the Texan community from many previous generations – cooking exclusively over seasoned oak wood on an offset style pit (Lovingly named Big Bertha). Now this takes time, patience, and a lot of focus, but it helps us to deliver an end result that we feel is second to none. This is aided by making sure we only source the best cuts of meat, alongside the best ingredients to complement those cuts.

So whether you are catering for a private event, running a festival for your community, or something in between, Smoking Bears BBQ will be on hand to provide not only second to none authentic Texas style BBQ, but to be a part of creating some unforgettable memories as a part of your event.

Food: We would plan to serve both chopped Brisket Buns with accompaniments, as well as pulled pork buns with accompaniments. There will also be Pit Tray options for either Pork, Brisket or Beef rib which come with an array of sides ranging from pickles and pink pickled onions, to Mexican street corn and homemade cornbread.