Savage BBQ

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Hello, we are Savage BBQ. A Nottinghamshire business making and selling South American style Fire Cage BBQ’s for Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs & Caterers. 
For most of us, the draw of live fire cooking can’t be matched, as well as the incredible taste and smell that comes with it.

Savage bbq was born from our passion for the great outdoors and cooking amazing fire-food to share with friends and family.


Our Fire Cages come in 3 different designs and can be used indoors in professional kitchens, outside or on the go for events. 
We have now sold hundreds of cages to hospitality & homes around the UK who are loving the show-stopping uniqueness of these incredible BBQ’s

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We would love to have a chat to you about bringing the ancient and primal style of cooking into your business. Everything we make can be bespoke to suit your every need. 

Please take a look at our website

Come and Say HELLO at this years SMOKE and FIRE we look forward to see you there

Many thanks, 
Rachel & Ed Brown – Savage BBQ Living Ltd -07715379449