Sandford Orchards

Our Home

Founded in 2002, we are independent, family owned and very proud to be based in the oldest working cider mill in the UK, breathing life back into the old building.

Our home, in the heart of Devon, is the perfect micro-climate to grow cider apples and we are blessed with some of the finest bittersweet apple orchards in the world.

Our Method

Since Barny started making cider in his shed we’ve grown quite considerably but our approach has always been the same, as we pride ourselves on making cider the right way.

Pressing and fermenting whole juice from the finest locally sourced fruit, never from concentrate. No artificial flavours or aromas, simply the best natural ingredients, and then letting it age to perfection. No shortcuts. The result? Delicious, beautifully balanced and naturally refreshing cider.

Come and enjoy Sanford Orchards Cider at this year’s Smoke and Fire Festivals