The Missing Link

The idea and intention behind Prodolce was to introduce a new type of wine to the market that would sit somewhere between a Prosecco and a Champagne, while catering to those in search of a subtly sweeter wine (we’re thinking of starting a club!)

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Prodolce Sparkling Wines – 19.05.2022 Picture by Carl Hewlett/Hewlett Photography & Design – 2022 © Carl Hewlett NO SALES or SYNDICATION. Contact or call 07508240919 for more information

Prodolce is a refreshingly delicate sweet wine with hints of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle, honeydew and a splash of citrus laced fruits.

The subtlety of the sweetness provides an ‘amuse- bouche’ for the palate. The bubbles have an immediate impact without taking over the spirit of the wine: a perfect demi-sec to make any moment a perfect occasion!

Enjoy well chilled.