Origins Smokehouse BBQ

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Traditional Techniques, Modern Ingredients.

It’s incredible how captivating open fire is – from the smell of the different woods burning down to embers, to red hot coals slowly burning away to ash and of course the light and warmth coming from the open flames.

Here at Origins we like to take our time and do things the traditional way where possible. We specialise in cooking over wood fired grills and smokers, utilising heat and smoke to create a truly unforgettable experience.

At Origins, we value tradition greatly, even when it comes to our suppliers. Where possible we source small artisan (usually family run) supplier to provide us with our incredible produce – from welsh beef traditionally butchered and dry-aged, to award-winning charcuterie all hand made by a single producer, to a range of cheeses of the highest quality. In fact, the biggest shock when it comes to our produce is the fact that the vast majority of the produce we use is British.

You see Origins – as much of it is our ‘business name’ is somewhat of a double entendre. We specialise in cooking over the open fire which we view as the ‘Origin’ of cooking and we also like to know the full ‘Origin’ of all the produce that ultimately we offer to you, our guests.