O’donnells Moonshine


Since 2016, the O’Donnell founders; August Ullrich and Philip Morsink, and the rest of the O’Donnell team have been producing and selling high quality wheat-based spirits and liqueurs.

During a road trip through the United States our founders came across the fascinating story of Moonshine.
When arriving home, still gripped by its history, they decided to revive this infamous beverage with a modern twist and bring its legacy to the present day. Bottling the first jars at home, the brand O’Donnell Moonshine was born.
Since then, the unique taste has convinced many and led to a constant growth of our company.

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O’Donnell Moonshine is where tradition meets a new world of taste. Just like gangsters of the American Prohibition, we bottle our liqueur in stylish preserving jars known as Mason Jars. ‘Moonshine’ is the illegally distilled alcohol of the era, and our name derives from the leader of one of the most notorious Moonshine gangs in Chicago; Mr Spike O’Donnell.