Meat Meets Bun

MEAT MEETS BUN burst onto the Birmingham Street Food scene in April 2021 with their Ex Diary, Smashed Beef Burgers. Created by non-other than Instagram Foodie, Chris aka The Fat Foodie UK. Having travelled the globe eating his way through the worlds best eats, Chris always knew he wanted to do something with Burgers but creating the best one took two and a half years of planning. From trying countless different mince suppliers to sourcing the perfect bun but as soon as it all came together, it was time to Rock n Roll! 

Chris fell in love and created his menu based around the buttery beefy goodness from the Man, The Myth, The Legend! Oliver Woolnough of Meat Matters, a Welsh Based company smashing out the most incredible Ex Dairy Beef. Three words they stand by are PROVENANCE – INTEGRITY – OBSESSION and any business that lives by this, is a business we can trust in. 

These days people are putting cakes and all kinds of crap into Burgers and Chris wants to bring things back to what a Cheese Burger should be about, THE BEEF! He set out on his quest to show the UK and beyond what he had to offer. From a classic “Just Cheese” consisting of Aged Beef Patty, American Cheese, Pickle Relish, Black Garlic Mayo and a Toasted Sesame Brioche Bun. To something a little more out there, The “Black & Blue with Stilton, Smoked Chilli Jam and Duchy Charcuterie Black Pudding Crumb! It really is a Menu to behold! And nothing would go more perfectly with them Burgers than our Glorious Loaded Tater Tots! Which you definitely need to try! 

We can’t wait to be at this year’s Smoke & Fire Festivals, alongside some BBQin Royalty! An absolute honour to be a part of such a great event! 

So come over say Hey and let’s get Beefy together!