Little O’s Hot Sauce

Little O’s Hot Sauce is a small company from Northamptonshire. Founded in 2023, our dog Oscar is our mascot. We have 3 flagship sauces which are included in this gift set! They’ll also come in a little gift box and are 100ml each:

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Naughty Ninja is a cross between BBQ and Sweet Chilli. It’s super smoky and will take you on an oriental taste adventure! Pair it with tempura prawns 

Spitzfire is a 30 day Fermented Pineapple & Habanero hot sauce which packs an incredible punch. It’s so fruity and goes great with absolutely anything. An all round everyday sauce.

To Mel’n Back is a Naga & Watermelon Fermented Hot Sauce and boasts 250’000 SHU! It’s ideal for any hot sauce lover and goes great with wings. Fermented for 30 days to give a rich flavour whilst maintaining some insane heat.

Handmade by a small business in Northamptonshire, discover one of your new favourite hot sauces today! Where else can you get a bottle of sauce with a Pomeranian on it.