Kankay Grills UK


We are passionate about, the “asado“, grilling the Argentinian way. That’s why we go back to the origins of grilling fueled by wood and charcoal.

We want you to live the Argentinian grill ritual at home and enjoy the beauty of gathering friends & family by the fire sharing the ”asado experience” together. Asado is a multi-sensorial experience, It starts with the crackling sound of perfectly seasoned wood burning, the sizzle of the steak when meeting the hot iron, and the aromas that make you want to crave for more. Asado is not only about the food itself but about spending valuable time with your loved ones.


We are an Argentinian-based company focused on producing long-lasting high-quality products, with great design and practical functionalities. For us, it’s all about creating experiences.

 We believe you should be able to enjoy the “Asado experience” anywhere. That is why all our grills, Timbales and Fornos are modular and easy to move around. So shall it be grilling at your garden, a camping site, the beach, or wherever nature allows it you will always be able to enjoy the “ Asado experience” with Kankay.

 The world moves and we go with it, we walk at our own pace and carry our traditions with us. We share our feelings through tastes and cooking sensations in the right place we want to be.