Who We Are

Field Of Cheese grew organically from the passion and appreciation that a husband and wife share for cheese and wines. Throughout the years they have holidayed to various regions of Italy, France and Spain and with each trip have expanded their knowledge and palette; learning about wine and cheese pairings, visiting vineyards and touring cheese factories.

Both working full time jobs in London, they found themselves craving the delicacies they had enjoyed in Italy and France and aspired to recreate the experience from the comfort of their own homes.

Sourcing these types of cheeses proved tricky and expensive, with portions often under or oversized. Dining out they often found the variety of cheeses were lacking and they were limited to a select few restaurants which served their favourites.

So, they decided to create Field Of Cheese, with the hope of bringing a taste of true delicacies to the homes of many without the excessive price tag.

Where We Are

Every weekend we travel to a different farmer’s market, village farse or other location

so we can always bring the cheese to you! We have a wide range of delicious waxed cheddar truckles which make great dinner treat and presents for others.  We look forward to seeing you all at this years Smoke and Fire Festival Colchester