Cue Point



Cue Point Ltd was established on a passion to create more than just amazing BBQ. The merging of our British heritage, ethnic backgrounds and personal experiences of growing up in London, dictate why it’s been so important for us to develop inclusive recipes. We want our food to be accessible to a wide range of individuals, notwithstanding their personal or cultural beliefs.
As a brand, we have maintained a willingness to customise orders to client needs, as well as that all of our products are classified as halal, notwithstanding that we incorporate vegan and gluten-free recipes within all our menus and products.

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Head Chef Joshua Moroneys’ extensive experience in the world of smoked barbecue has enabled him to explore diverse cooking techniques, flavours and methods e.g. Argentinian, Texan, Afghan, Guyanese, Brazilian etc. taking British Barbecue to new heights and fusing it with an array of inspirations and experiences, in the process of developing an entirely unique cooking style.
Cue Points’ director Mursal Saiqs’ Afghan heritage runs throughout the company from the branding through to the menus. Together we’re aiming to create an all-inclusive, multi-sensory barbecue experience. If you’re not sure what that means, follow us along our journey and find out.
‘This London smokehouse takes the BBQ scene and turns it upside down, side to side and all around, serving up unbelievably tasty hunks of meat alongside a fantastic array of accompaniments, all made from scratch.’
North Four Magazine, Tavia Davi