Bradley Smoker

Unmatched simplicity delivering the purest smoke possible


An investment in taste!

The quality construction of Bradley Smokers will ensure that you keep on smoking for a long time. This is reflected in our premium pricing, as we ask you to pay a little bit more for a top-quality investment, which will continue paying you back in deliciously smoked food for a long time. The stainless steel interiors are easy to clean and will remain rust-free. Our smoke diffuser system keeps the smoke flowing which eliminates dirty smoke. The smoke generators were designed with easy maintenance in mind. They are also easy to remove for correct storage.


Delivering clean smoke and pure flavour every time.

We didn’t invent food smoking, we perfected it! Bradley Smokers are world-class, providing unmatched consistency in terms of creating and delivering the purest smoke possible using our Cleansmoke™ Technology. The Cleansmoke™ Technology use our custom-designed 100% natural Wood Smoking Bisquettes, that is then smoked for a precise amount of time and then extinguished before burning to ash. Burning wood to ash is something you do not want, as this imparts bitter, foul, acidic flavours, which nobody wants on their food. Bradley Smokers produce delicious, consistent and high-quality clean pure smoke flavour.


It’s deliciously simple with a Bradley.

Bradley Smokers allow you to smoke almost anything. The opportunities for deliciously smoked food are endless. Bradley owners can smoke anything from the traditional favourites beef, pork, fowl, game, sausage, jerky and vegetables.  Also, owners can add our cold smoke adapter to open up the world of cold smoking, which traditionally is used for salmon, cheese, nuts, beer, wine, whisky and much more. Master smokers widely regard Bradley Smokers as the finest and most versatile food smokers available. Arm yourself with a Bradley and open new horizons for delicious food smoking. Our smokers; your imagination…a perfect marriage!


Our food smoker… your imagination.

The vast majority of food smokers require intensive babysitting: adding, stoking and removing sawdust, wood chunks, wood chips, or pellets to create smoke. Without constant monitoring, these smokers burn the wood to ash, which releases bitter, sour, acidic nitrogen dioxide into your food. With a Bradley Smoker, you don’t have to do any of that. You simply load up to 9 hours of our 100% natural Wood Smoking Bisquettes in the chamber, set the temperature, set the smoke time and off you go. Our Bisquettes are designed to burn for a precise amount of time and are extinguished before they turn to ash, delivering clean pure smoke flavour every time. Setting up your Bradley is incredibly easy, and will have you smoking your favourite meal in a matter of minutes.


The anatomy of a perfect smoker.

Bradley’s Cleansmoke™ Technology is comprised of three components, all uniquely designed to ensure that the wood you are using does not turn to ash. At the heart of our technology is our uniquely designed Wood Smoking Bisquettes, which are essentially little discs or pucks produced in many varieties of woods and flavours and made from 100% natural wood. These Bisquettes are developed to work within our Bradley Smokers, allowing them to be pushed along our bespoke conveyor system, burned for a precise amount of time, and then extinguished before the wood burns to ash. When wood turns to ash it releases dirty smoke containing toxins such as nitrogen dioxide, which imparts a bitter, sour, acidic taste. Thanks to our Cleansmoke™ Technology, your food is smoked with clean pure smoke, and nothing more. Join the tens of thousands of Bradley Smoker users and delight in simple, consistent, deliciously smoked food.