Banquet 1415

We sell authentic Argentine BBQ. We slow cook big pieces of meat over the fire, that we then slice and serve either over chips or in sandwiches. The Argentinian way of chargrilling meat in big chunks and cuts that are not common in England make us stand out. People get to taste South America and can gaze at the meat that is freshly cooked and sliced right in front of their eyes. Our stall consists of a small trailer with a Gazebo next to it. Under the Gazebo we have our Argentine Parilla set up with a table from which we serve.

We serve different cuts of Beef and sausages, all authentically coming from South America while pork and chicken are sourced locally.
Our chef Matias grew up in Argentina and has many years of experience in cooking the BBQ of his home country. People are amazed at the juicy slow cooked meat.
Beef cuts include picanha, short ribs, Fraldinha and Entrana.

The meat is served in a cripsy baguette with one of our fresh and homemade salsas, which are also typical for Argentina. Such as Chimichurri or Salsa Criolla.
We also serve fresh cut chips. We cut the potatoes ourselves and double fry them perfectly crisp.
Furthermore we serve empanadas filled with beef, chicken or Ham and Cheese. It is the same meat that we cook on the fire that then goes into those delicious pastries and are deep fried to perfection.

Banquet 1415 is part of a registered charity providing food to those most in need in our city. We love feeding people and the sense of family & community that you get around the table. The profits we make from trading are invested back into the community, so those who don’t have the means to, can still enjoy quality home cooked meals, knowing they are invited to “The Banquet.”